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PLZ anyone able to find this shoe on the internet?!CONVERSE Shoes are so addicting!♥?

I went to Yorkdale and looked around in the store CHAMPS. I went to the youth section which had like size fours and up(my feet are small) i looked really high and i saw these AWESOME shoes that were so cute that i felt like crying when i noticed i only brought 60$ and it was around 70$( i never knew i would run into converse i would be completely attached to)by my memeroy i remember them being light gray with patches that had different and weird patterns. The laces were pink and i think the racing stripe was too. there was a smudged splattered looking line around the whole part of the shoe especially where the rubber toe part is. THere is much more to it but i cant completely remeber.now if they dont have the shoes when i go back(like a month or two,dont go to Yorkdale often) ican liike look on the internet if any of you peoples find it somewhere. To find the white and plain versoin of them which only has the patches go to Chuck Taylor® All Star® Patches Hi. THANK YA!

PLZ anyone able to find this shoe on the internet?!CONVERSE Shoes are so addicting!♥?
Try searching through Converse.com

srry that is the best i can do.
Reply:*you can go to the converse website and design them any way you want to http://www.converse.com/#CATEGORYC1

even down to the laces and the racing stripe

i bought a pair of clear lowtop chucks but you can only find them at journeys. they are cool cuz you see your sox through them so ppl think you have like 100 pairs of shoes

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Nice racing flats for cross country?

hey guys, i just wanted to know if theres any good racing flats for

cross country. I was wondering about the asics magic racers or the nike streaks XC, heres the link for both of them, tell me what u think is better

Asics magic racers IV http://www.eastbay.com/catalog/productde...

Nike zoom streak XC


well, any other recommendations?


Nice racing flats for cross country?
For training you should get the type of shoe that you have links to above. But i would strongly recommend going to your nearest running shop (not some place like *****, Champs, or a National Chain) becuase the people there know all about running shoes and what shoe would work best on your feet. Its really not worth saving a couple of dollars and having to deal with the pain of wrong-fitting shoes. The right fit makes all the difference.

Also, if you are thinking about racing competitively then you should buy flats instead of shoes. Flats are much more lightweight, but do not have very much cushion at all. This is becuase they are just for race day to make you go that much faster. They also have a few spikes (4 to 6ish) to give you better traction on the ground you are running on.

Good Luck!
Reply:I liked the 2nd ones better.
Reply:I love the Asics Gel Hyperspeed 2 because they weigh less than 7 oz. They%26#039;re definitely not for everyone, but you might like them based on the shoes you linked.

Edit: here%26#039;s the link http://www.eastbay.com/catalog/productde...
Reply:id go with either asics or newbalance nikes just suck for running i would try the asics parahna sp but their a little expensive

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Best Racing Flats?

I need a pair of racing flats for this year%26#039;s cross country and track seasons as well as for a few road races. I%26#039;ll mostly be using the flats for timed repeats such as mile repeats, 400 repeats, etc. I%26#039;ll also be using them for distances up to 5k races or time trials.

I%26#039;ve never owned a pair of flats before, so I%26#039;m a little clueless as what to buy. I%26#039;m looking for something withing the price range of 60-100 dollars or so. I%26#039;d like a shoe that is light but also cushioned (it%26#039;s always a balance of these two that I%26#039;m looking for).

As for my foot type, I have a normal (medium) arch and I have neutral/mild overpronating feet. I have sprained my right ankle a few times before, so that foot overpronates a little more than my left.

If anyone can help me find a few shoes that my work for me, that would be great. Thanks.

Best Racing Flats?
You may be better off using your regular running shoes for cross country workouts, if you%26#039;ll be training on the grass and other cross country-like terrain. This is because if you%26#039;re wearing a racing flat, you may be more prone to rolling your ankle and developing other injuries. Good racing flats however, if you%26#039;re intent on using them are New Balance RC 152: see NB website-%26gt; http://www.newbalance.com/running/racing...

Also Adidas makes good racing flats.
Reply:I used racing flats for cross country and track in high school/college. I found Nike had the best ones as far as fit and quality. Each person%26#039;s foot is different, so I suggest going to a sports store and trying several brands on. Runner%26#039;s World magazine does a lot of shoe reviews as well, which you might find helpful. Good luck!
Reply:nike kennedy xc or GHAC has been voted as best xc shoe by hs runners. weighs about 7.0 oz. and is one of the lightest racing flats out there. they feel awesome. about 64$ thru nike and could be up to 100$. also nike xc miler. the miler is the best middle distance track spike, hands down and used by more pros than any other shoe. they have a flat version that is kind of like a spike. 7.4 oz about 80$. warning on the miler xc shoe... i used it also in practices but because of its spike-like design I kind of got sore calves after workouts and runs. oh and you can put spikes in both shoes for the track. I spranged my left ankle many times and had no problems with the shoes. go with the ghac xc shoe but the miler has more cushion. the milers will force you on your toes more the ghac is flexible like a sock.


Running Shoes.?

OK im asking for some personal expirience here. I have had my Saucony Progrid trigon 5 shoes since mid december, and i%26#039;ve worn them all through conditioning all the way through my last track meet. and im getting ready for summer miles, (which i just start) and i want a new pair with LOTS of cushioning, since i plan to run 450+ miles this summer, I liked the Saucony shoe, so I wouldn%26#039;t mind staying with them, but the other brands for flats (NOT RACING FLATS) im unexpirience and unknowledgable in, so please help me? What running flat have you had the most success in and comfort...

ps. LOTS OF CUSHIONING (i get shin splints and knee pain very easy especially on longer runs like the summer)


Running Shoes.?
Wow! That is a lot of mileage. First of all, you said that you get shin splints and knee pain very easy. Did you ever think about going to a podietrist to see if orthotics would help you. A good set of orthotics can make a world of difference for any runner. Next, about those shin splints, try stretching your calf muscles more, try these 2 stretches:

1.) stand with your feet about shoulder width apart and point your toes in than bend your knees.

2.) Stand 8-10 inches away from a wall, again stand with your feet about shoulder width apart and point your toes in. Than keeping your legs straight put your hips up against the wall.

you will fee both of those stretches if you have never done them.

Now for your shoes. Since you are doing a lot of mileage, you will not only need a shoe that has plenty of cushion but it will need to be able to take a beating and it will need to be a lighter shoe. I am going to assume that you will be running mostly on pavement or concrete during all of these miles. The Mizuno Wave Creation is a great distance shoe. It has a new cushioning technology that has been getting some good reviews, it has a carbon rubber heel which makes them a more durable shoe and the upper is made of mesh which allows more ventilation and lowers the weight of the shoe.

But...if you want a more lightweight cushioned shoe the Saucony Grid Tangent is the best way to go. It comes in under 10 oz and it has impact zones built into the shoe that have extra cushioning. Good luck and have fun

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Using padded shoes as an advantage during running?

Here%26#039;s a somewhat similar situation to what i%26#039;m asking:

Let%26#039;s say I%26#039;ve been running 10km 5 times a week for 5 weeks with shoes that had very little padding (ex; Nike free trainer), and for the upcoming race, I will use a pair of shoe with more padding (under the foot) but with very similar structure/anatomy to the Nike shoe (so that my feet don%26#039;t get bruised and such).

Will this help me get a better time in the race? Because I trained with little help, which made my leg muscles stronger, and now that i%26#039;m using help, it should be like a breeze......

Can anyone clarify on this?


Using padded shoes as an advantage during running?
I would have to say %26quot;no%26quot; - that having more padding would not help. In my studies of anatomy (I%26#039;m a medical student, so take this with a grain of salt - I%26#039;m not an MD yet!) one of the key facts that is emphasized is that the foot is designed to work best without hindrance. The human foot, much like that of the average wolf or Siberian Husky, is a highly evolved mechanism designed to work at peak efficiency when it is not being cushioned.

The arch of the foot serves as something of a natural %26quot;spring%26quot; with just the right amount of tension for your body mass (it adjusts as people age, gain / lose weight, etc.) By adding a pad underneath it, you%26#039;re actually making it more difficult for that spring mechanism to be efficient. The theory here is similar to dropping a springy object, such as a bouncy ball, onto a hard surface as compared to a soft surface. If you drop the rubber ball on a wooden floor, it will bounce well - the energy conversion on impact is very efficient. If you drop the rubber ball on a blanket or a bed, though, it will barely bounce - the energy conversion is not as efficient.

When you step down barefoot, it tensions the %26quot;spring%26quot; - and when you push off with that foot, it utilizes that stored energy to make the process of locomotion more efficient. The process is somewhat more complex than I%26#039;ve described here - but suffice it to say, you should run in what makes you comfortable, and what you think will work best for you - the physics of the matter say that running with minimal padding should be the most efficient method of running, however.

The famous story of the olympian Zola Budd - who broke many records by running races barefoot - lends credence to the idea that minimal padding is best in order to obtain top speed - though I don%26#039;t suggest going barefoot down your average city streets in a marathon! You never know what you might step on!


New Running Shoes?

Currently I am about one month way from my first 5K race ever. So, obviously I am in the process of training. Right now i train in shoes that i have been using for a year and a half. I am very comfortable in these shoes, however they are getting in very bad shape. The soles are really starting to wear and tear and are getting very thin. I still am very comfortable running in these, and fell absolutely no pain in my legs or feet (except for the normal running soreness after hard workouts)even with the bad shape they are in. I am considering getting new shoes sometime. Should I get them now and train in them and use them for the 5K or should I continue to use my current shoes for another month and use them for the race. If it makes any difference, the shoes are ascis and I train on pavement and all of my races are on pavement.

New Running Shoes?
The mistake that people make when they run a race is they use new shoes. Use your old shoes if you feel comfortable with then or train on your new shoes for they can lose up a little and for you can get comfortable with them. Just dont use your new shoes on the race because you need to use them first. Good Luck
Reply:u should probabily use the old ones in the race...from time to time...u should train in the new shoes...but do not run the race in the new shoes...use the comfortable ones..
Reply:First of all you should be getting new running shoes every two to three months... Second of all never run on worn out soles why?? because you dont want to be in the middle of the 5K and you get a hole... lastly i would say get the new Pearl Izumi Syncro Guide 2 very comfortable with outstanding Tech Specs and light weight
Reply:Go to a specialty running store- google %26quot;Specialty Running Store%26quot; and your state. They will watch you run and help determine what type of shoe you need- stability, cushioning, motion control. Do this right away! Get new shoes and start wearing them- once you have the CORRECT shoes and size, you can walk around in them a couple of days then get right out and run in them! Asics are terrific shoes! Remember- SPECIALTY running store, though- no large sporting goods stores!

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